anthony nikolchev

actor. writer. performance. theatre. film



"Nikolchev inhabits a swath of characters, accents and attitudes with a technique and honesty that constitutes a tour de force"

-The Los Angeles Times




++Review from "The Last One" WORLD PREMIERE: "Directed by Gema Galiana, THE LAST ONE is an intense and very physical exploration into the struggles between building up and the tearing down of society. It is a physical tour-de-force for the three actors Emily Meister, Anthony Nikolchev and Julian Sandoval, and they are exciting to watch." FULL REVIEW HERE

++ALL THESE VOICES wins a 2016 STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD! Deadline article here!

++February 2017 Best Actor for DEAD FLOWERS at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, screening in AUGUST 2017.


++Dead Flowers review: "Anthony Nikolchev, who plays Alex and his twin brother Dani, is fantastic.  His ability to act in two completely opposite roles and carry the entire movie from first shot to credits is very refreshing to see from someone I have never heard of before.  I’ll tell you one thing though… get this guy on your radar (and if you don’t have a radar then find one) 

because he’s well on his way to big things.  Bravo Mister Nikolchev." ++