(c) anka bogacz; London 2015

All the things you said you never said before you thought you could ever say



"All The Things You Said…

has its audience moving from

laughter to pained silence

in an instant"

-The Lodonist

Co-Produced by Company TDU with Vivien Wood and Galiana/Nikolchev

created and performed by Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Gema Galiana, Zuzana Kakalikova, and Anthony Nikolchev
written by Anthony Nikolchev

originally commissioned by Dance City, UK made with support by Arts Council England

Past dates:
London (Ovalhouse) March, 2015

New Delhi, India (BRM 17 National Festival) Feb. 2015
London (Rich Mix Free to Fall Festival 2014)
Switzerland Sept. 2014
Slovakia Sept. 2014
Newcastle (Dance City) June 2014


“Beautiful and mesmerizing performances bring a unique physicality to universal themes about human relationships.”

“A beautifully crafted combination of physical theatre, contemporary dance and performance."


Elke Wiebalck for Everything Theatre.co.uk

“A haunting movement piece...delicate, almost like a frozen spider web”
“when the dialogue turns to heartbreaking mundanity and it’s interwoven with the movement, it becomes this beautiful, exquisite moment of expression. And there are these perfect moments dotted throughout the performance.”
The Bad Birches, Video Bloggers

“A poignant Freudian dialogue between two versions of one couple, tiptoeing across important contemporary themes such as the need for touch, the essential split in the psyche of an individual, and the connection between our private and public lives”
“Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Gema Galiana, Anthony Nikolchev and Zuzana Kakalikova, caress and dance the message of love, bitterness, and transience.”
“Recommended for psychoanalytical aficionados, or by anyone interested in the nuances of relationships, aware that there is always at least a third person, waiting in the wings to either lift them to new challenges or pleasures, or pull them down into the humdrum of another day.”
Ramis Cizer for  The Metropolist

“The balletic physical theatre is extremely impressive. Whilst injecting passion and spectacle into the show...it also proves how easy communication between the couple can be when speaking is no longer necessary.”

Alice Weleminsky-Smith for A Younger Theatre


“Visually impressive, the simple stage space coming alive as the performers weave around the set, the chairs and table seemingly an extension of their bodies, incorporated seamlessly into the cast’s movement.”
“The performers switch between moods and scenes effortlessly, and at its most powerful All The Things You Said… has its audience moving from laughter to pained silence in an instant”
“An absorbing delicacy and simplicity in the way that the epic intertwines with the quotidian.... The show plunges the audience below the surface-level reality of social life”
Savannah Whaley for The Londonist

“Every person in the audience can relate to these unassuming battlegrounds.”
“The dispute that takes place over making coffee in the morning stands out, as the text (written by performer Anthony Nikolchev) and enactment build up so skillfully, it is almost funny from an audience member’s perspective, as you watch how easily misunderstandings and miscommunications can bubble up into an explosion, or thunderous silence.”
Sara Daniels for Abundant Art

One couple journeys between reality and the subconscious. Have you ever wondered what you would say if you had a second chance?


All The Things… explores the multilayered reality of what we express overtly to the world, and what we keep hidden in the silence of the subconscious. 

Meet one couple.
Watch two versions.
One lives the reality of a missed chance, a missed communication, an unwanted grudge held over nothing; the other physically, verbally, feverishly tries what their former versions don’t – to embrace the fantastic challenge of sharing a life. Around them, of course, the world falls from the sky. Luckily, the imminent chaos turns out to be the just needed catalyst for them to finally grasp for some meaning.